Saryn Prime

On the contrary, it’s a video-making program that borrows some features from other apps. It’s an app that needs some consideration and a bit more work than a Snap or conversation or’gram does. These days, it is possible to use those programs in public and with friends in a manner that does not feel terribly rude, while it’s because everyone else is doing it or because the purpose is to share something fast and raw. With Clips, prepare yourself to spend at least a couple of minutes making something share-worthy.
After Apple first announced its Clips video-making app a few weeks before, a lot of people — including me wondered whether this was the organization’s attempt to catch some of the attention that has been siphoned by societal apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. After using the new Saryn Prime for the past five days, it has become apparent to me that this really is not Apple’s attempt at a”social” app, at leastnot in how social networks work.

Clips are made in a square format, and are added to a basic timeline at the base of the screen. You can add individual video clips up to 30 minutes long to this deadline; and the total run time of a completed Clips video can be as long as 60 minutes. It’s also created and shared in 1080p HD, if your source video is HD. This is the kind of material that makes it a lot more of a movie production app than a Snapchat competitor.

Saryn Prime
But that is not a poor matter: it is a distinctly Apple-like approach to mobile video. Parts of the program are also fun to use. There’s at least one part of this program that feels like it could use a whole redesign, and the question still remains as to whether this program is one that iPhone (and iPad) users will feel compelled to utilize before they utilize their favorite social apps. But this is a kind of next-generation iMovie which I am prepared to bet a healthy part of Apple’s user base is going to be happy to use. In the event that you ever said,”I wish iMovie was about dissolves and transitions and more about adding cool filters and text,” then you are in luck.

Clips is free to download, and it is accessible on iOS only. I wrote previously about its core features, but to summarize: it is possible to shoot new photos or videos from within the app, or you could pull out of your existing iPhone library. You can even incorporate music, pulling either in the iTunes library or a selection of other useful music tracks curated just for your own Saryn Prime.
When I opened up Apple’s new Saryn Prime yesterday, as I’ve been doing for the last couple of days, I was greeted with the exact same photo-capture screen that is prioritized in most of the social”narrative” programs. Take a Photo! Capture video! Share! Share everything! They shout at you. I added a few text overlays and emoji, and fumbled my way through Live Titles, the feature that’s distinctive to Apple Clips. And finally, I shared my Clips. But it took some time. Because Clips take a while”“.

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